What if India and Pakistan would be undivided?

India and Pakistan – name of countries; listening to their name we all just think negative, but did you ever thought that what if these countries were still undivided i.e it would be a single name. I know it’s unbelievable but let’s come and think over the positive words, let’s think that India and Pakistan would be a single name / single country.
First thing comes first, let’s talk about why these countries were divided.

Reason for dividing: –
With the onset of the First World War, India had provided the British with the service of one million Indian soldiers on the assumption that such helpful actions might finally translate into political leniency on the part of the British, which may even result in the independence of the nation. While such moves were consented by both the INC and the Muslim League, they had been severely wrong. Following the atrocities committed by the British in Amritsar in 1919, where the British had opened fire on an unarmed assemblage protesting against the British Regime in India, which had claimed more than a thousand lives, the political scenario had changed drastically. The 1930s had witnessed millions of people without previous political inclinations signing up with INC and the Muslim League. Mohandas Gandhi, who had become a prominent and leading personality in the INC, had always upheld the cause of a united India with no discriminations between the Hindus and the Muslims. However, other members of the INC had demurred to join the Muslim League in a political fight to purge the British from India. Such alienation had initiated the Muslim League to think in terms of a separate nation for the Muslims.

This was the actual reason for the separation of these great countries.
Now let’s move on and concentrate on the main topic of this article. Let’s see what would be the scenario, if they were still undivided.

Imagination | undivided: –
India in the earlier time was having Bangladesh and Pakistan and later after 1945 these countries were separated due to INC and Muslim league- Jinnah’s party, but if these countries would be the same i.e if they were not separated then there are many positive things could be spotted out today. The first thing what I feel could be beneficial is the country would be the largest economy in the world with the largest number of population. A large number of population in some sense is negative but as we know every negative has a positive thing also; so the country would be having the largest number of skilled population. There are many heritages in Pakistan, and economy by tourist would be high if these countries would not be separated.
I personally feel bad when Indians are stopped by Pakistani’s and Pakistanis were stopped by Indians for utilizing or enjoying the heritages in both the countries. The education level would be high and economy, on the other hand, would have been boosted.

The country would also be having the largest no of army ALTHOUGH India has a proper ranking in the largest arm but just give a thought to the largest area AND largest population isn’t it would be having the largest army or the military?
Many people due to separation got affected or I should say getting affected. We should not forget the 26/11 attack in India if it would be the same one then at some percentage, we would not have faced that, I am not saying we have any threat of Pakistan but don’t you think we would be safer as there would not be any enemy relation with Pakistan.

Many soldiers die due to unreasonable fights between the countries, I really feel sometimes that if there would be no border between Pakistan and India then how safe the people would be, who leave their home for safeguarding their country. We should not forget our soldiers like “Sarabjeet” who was unnecessarily stuck in Pakistan without any negative cause.
If we see there are many more benefits which can be taken out if these countries were undivided but let’s go back to reality and just hope for a peaceful world where everyone can learn, explore and enjoy a lot.
Just hope for one day when being divided these countries are considered as undivided and a single country.
“Every day is a hope and hoping a positive thing can bring a bright future”


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