What is a difference between Articles and Section in Indian laws?

Definition of article –
-A section or article in a series in a written document, such as a contract, constitution or treaty.
Definition of section
-Separate and numbered subdivisions of legal codes, statutes, and textbooks

For a profane, there may be a variation in terms of nomenclature between an article and a section. However, there is an important legal effect if the provision is integrated into an article or section.
If a provision is written under the article, that is, the Constitution of India, the DTAA, etc., it must be considered as supreme and it replaces everything contained in any section. Thus, by writing something, section 14 or section 14 earns a weighting accordingly.

When any substantially important document is drafted, which can be a standard (the basic standard to support all other legal standards) of this system, it is generally differentiated from ordinary municipal laws, referring to its clauses as articles rather than sections, Such as United Charter of Nations, International Conventions, Constitution of a country, etc. Where other laws or rules come from.

Not necessarily that a Constitution always has articles, but not sections. The article is used to convey the impression that they are more elaborate and conventional in the old expression. In modern times most of the Law prefers to use “Section”, simpler and more direct.

Think about how a book is often decomposed or divided into smaller portions. Only one book can have a handle or more chapters. Each chapter may contain tens or hundreds of paragraphs. Each paragraph can have dozens of lines. Each line can have several words. Each word has a length of one to several tens of letters. One of the easiest books to use to illustrate this would be the Bible; It can be divided by the will, the book, the chapter and the verse.
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