The Points Goes –

They are smart:– Lawyers are smart by nature; as they have the tactic of manipulating and convening the judiciary and the client. They are well known for the fact that how to act smart. They work hard with the case and act smart to win it and provide justice to the client

They are always well dressed:- to be in the profession, a good look is the need of the time and for the same and to be great in the profession lawyers are always well dressed. This is said, Wisley, that a well-dressed lawyer can convince the opponent and the judge very easily and for the same lawyers keep this habit as their nature of the presentation.

A full-time problem solver:– Lawyers are well known to the law of society and hence they are the one who always acts as a problem solver in the society. Being the lawyer they possess the nature of being the winner and as they are well known to the justifying nature of the society they always use the best way to bring you out of a problem.

Aggressive with wrong but a calm for the partner:- As the lawyers are always in touch with the problems faced by other they know how to handle it in the best way. They are the one who is calm because they are used to the problems. They are proactive and not the reactive persons.

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