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You all once thought about the services of the government and would have liked the life we all live in INDIA. I do not tell that life in India is not good, it is of course great; But did you think that how we live a wonderful life, I know; Your answer will be no and it is true that we grew but grown in comparison to ancient India, India, that was in 1947 and India’s India is completely different and we can expect that we will grow more.
Now leave the part and think about life in India compared to the growth and lifestyle in America. I do not underestimate India or Indians. But yes, I’m talking about the 70 percent thought of the Indian.

Have you ever thought that what is your responsibility towards nation? And only one person can change the lifestyle of this democratic country. My direct answer is no. If we talk about America and other countries, we are missing. People in other countries show their anger when their government does not fully comply with their legitimate question or in a simple language I should say their legitimate question.

Let’s take a very basic example that assesses our governments by the lower class of people who are 70% in a country – THE ROADS DEVELOPMENT; If the United States Government does not make or restore their paths, people come across them in the same way for the answer and I appreciate the opportunity to accept their responsibility to come to the public to accept an error and the reason Given to them. But this is not the case in India where people have not walked our government. We choose, we have chosen for ourselves, everything in this country, but I feel bad when it comes to responsibility – the situation is the same with the government and the people. In America, people run the government, but in India, it’s the people who choose to give them the place of God and we only have little to rule them and the government takes advantage of this weakness and the beginning manipulates us and We think we would work ours.

This is entirely true that for better future hope is the only word, but is it enough that only hope can work? We are responsible for our terms and conditions.

90% of The people in this country do not know about the law and therefore do not know what their consequences are to keep them from knowing and who knows that they are able to manipulate 90% of the people. I can prove it to you. I only imagine that when you get the police officer how many times you have paid the fine with the correct receipt, I can guarantee that the fine will not be paid more than twice; This can be considered twice as such. Whoever paid the fine previously would have corrected it himself by wearing the helmet and making other necessary documents for driving, and others would have thought 100% that this is only the procedure and our police are corrupt. I do not regret that the police are not damaged, but people think that if they are corrupt, then who is your ruler and if the rule is not yours, why is this statement called democracy?

I accept that education brings a lot of changes, but do not think it’s our responsibility to work on it, by raising awareness about us or by trying to change the process of completing education. I accept the hard work the government makes for education, but I regret it often the thinking skills of the people who do not want to go for a change. And believe me, seriously this change can be bought by awareness and motivation from you. Give yourself a thought that some motivation is – I think the positive manipulation of the mind is a positive way, so if your government can manipulate you and force you to live this worst life, you cannot do this. I think motivation is the easiest thought in this highly populated and diversified nation.

Your government is playing with you except some people but what they can do because this country cannot be saved by these 2 -3 people, it’s at the core and we are at the core so we need to learn how this country is not going too little Peoples we have chosen according to our laws that are also made by them. I do not hold laws but give it a private thought that how many laws are useful for today’s national growth, I personally think that laws that are unable to maintain at this time do not improve the Country can do but can do better from the loophole find people.

Reservations clearly made by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar by saying that it should be removed at all times and should be applied if necessary. Do not you think he’s right? Because I found many people who are in the reservation class, who do not need to have a reservation. Know the queue that the government would say that for few people they cannot harm the larger section if they need it, but I’ve got a solution, we’ve completed 70 years of independence and cannot sort us out. Who’s not able to take advantage of the reservation. AADHAR CARD, which is a good option for the government, can connect and force each other to any other work and can connect all the things that are important to the people to live like income, purchasing power, ability, approach. Any other thing. This can provide a single gateway to the government and individually and can figure out those who do not need any reservation, but the taking can be sorted out and as a consequence will be coercion, their reservation quota can be cut off and when they will Addressing the government as a reserved category of people, the officers would have everything in one click. This can reliably increase the reliability and loyalty of the government. And also reduce the waste of money from government funds and increase the right amount of people who need help.

“Let’s Come together to do right”

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