A True Teachers always teaches without being bias for any students. They always want their students to grow, of course not in size but defiantly with knowledge; what I have learned so far being with teachers is really sometimes hard and sometimes it’s funny – but always worthy.

teacher and students

We always think teachers are a monster in a movie and we think our self as a superhero. But guys make this clear in your mind that you are nothing without your teacher.

Even according to Indian mythology, whatever ARJUN from MAHABHARATA knows was just because of his teacher DRONACHARYA;

Grow up and figure out the best through the points –

  1. Teachers want students to enjoy the learning process and to be active participants in the learning process – I know guys this is hard for us to always enjoy the learning process which teacher uses to teach us. But we can make it happen through suggest our mentor make it enjoying. Most of the time students learn from illustrations, I am the guy who loves to learnteacher from life stories, DIY process, and illustrations.
  1. Teachers want students to be respectful – this is for sure guys every other person in this world at some or the other point want respect, being teacher is not that easy but as it is a Noble job the faculties always get ready with their knowledge sharing process. A respectful and trusting environment allows teachers to maximize learning opportunities each day.
  1. They want their students to make real life connections – teacher always wants that whatever they are teaching to their student should be related to the life. They always want from the students that they should correlate the concept so that the learning process becomes easy.


  1. Teachers want students to be critical thinkers – thinking is an activity which opens up once mind and is also a great exercise. To grow in your career thinking is the ground root formula and teacher is the person who can bring this change in you. They always want their students to be the best thinker and creative and critical analyzer.


  1. Teachers want students to recognize individual strengths and weaknesses – knowing about the weakness and strength can lead us to the great path. A teacher is a person who always gives us the strength to overcome our weakness. They are the perfect creature who make continues efforts to overcome student’s weakness.

 teacherTeacher as are there – just the point is that we are unable to find them. Every teacher is great and doing the perfect job of shaping the upcoming generation. They are the one who cares about us and never plays with our career, even we sometimes take our career lightly but a mentor is always serious about the same. They never show that on their face.


I admire this profession and request you to respect your mentor as he is the one who is going to inculcate the things which are going to let you learn many other things which are always great for life.


Love your Teacher; Respect your Teacher

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