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India is a vast country and it is indeed beyond any traveller to choose one particular region as a favourite, amongst all the breathtaking places in the length and breadth of this country! Here we divide the country into zones and list zone wise best affordable places to visit!  North IndiaIt is the best time to visit the north of India. With mountains clearing up snow due to the summer heat, most places are open for tourists and are absolutely gorgeous to explore.
  1. Trek in Parvati

A quaint valley, it is ideal for students to hike, trek or just sight see. It is home to the Parvati river and its gushing sound is relaxing, after all the homework and tests! Still untouched by serious commercialization, it has untouched river banks and meadows to camp and star gaze. Trek into its villages for a glimpse of their lifestyle.

Cost per person – INR 1000 per day

Nearest Town – Bhuntar

Distance  – 550 kms

  1. Rafting in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a holy town, five hours away from Delhi. The adventurous trip takes a swift turn with the rafting and magnificent vista of the Ganges. Camping by the river can also be arranged and visiting the sacred spots will give you a better understanding of Hindu mythology.

Cost per person – INR 1500 per day

Nearest Town– Haridwar

Distance – 244 kms

  1. Great Himalayan National Park in Tirthan Valley

Nestled in Dev Bhoomi or Uttarkahand, the Great Himalayan National Park is home to beautiful flora and fauna. With facilities to stay around the national park, Tirthan Valley displays some beautiful panaroma of the Kullu range. There are activities like fishing, rappelling, biking, hiking, kayaking, camping which let you explore the national park in its full splendour.

Cost per person – INR 2000 per day

Nearest Town- Shamshi

Distance – 524 kms

  1. Mountain Life of Kasauli

Kasauli is a cantonment town set up during the British Raj. Colonially hungover, this hill station has charming shops and well maintained homes from the times of the Raj. Temples, nature walks, and camping in the fields will entrance you! Nestled in the lap of nature, the church here is a must see and so is the cemetery for war heroes and soldiers. The patisseries here have brilliant bakery products and the quality of life is supreme. 

Cost per person – INR 2000 per day

Nearest Town- Shimla

Distance – 298 kms

  1. For the Sake of the Toy Train

Barog is named after the engineer who helped build the longest tunnel here in 1903.  He was fined one rupee because he could not align the sides and he committed suicide thereafter! Take the toy train to avail of this piece of history. Its close proximity from Chandigarh makes it a superb spot to start or end your journey. Travel through 102 tunnels out of the 107 originally built! Tomatoes grow in abundance here and it is quite a pretty sight to see them grow in infinity. 

Cost per person – INR 350 (includes meals)/ there are first class tickets too

Nearest Town- Chandigarh

Distance – 309 kms

HOW TO REACH- From Delhi, all of these places are well connected by road or rail. Flights go to Bhuntar Airport too. Check schedule for flight timings. 

South India

As summer hits the country, the summer getaways are horded by one and all.  These getaways ex-Bangalore or Chennai is the ideal if you dwell in the southern part of our mighty India. Saving time while travelling is an art in itself.

  1. Flintstones in Hampi

Hampi is a boulder town with the Tungabhadra flowing across it. It is an overnight journey from Bangalore to a town called Hospet. The ruined kingdom of Vijaynagara still stands. The temples, the Queens bath, the rock chariot, the lotus temple, the monolithic bull are just a few that you must visit. Explore Hampi on foot. See the lake. Go fishing. Visit the bird sanctuary in Sanapur. Do get your blessings from Laxmi, the temple elephant. Accommodations are in the form of home stays or small scale guest houses

Cost per person– INR 1000 per day

Nearest Town- Hospet

Distance– 470 kms

  1. Race the Sunrise in Skandagiri

Just 70 kms from Bangalore, this should be a trip for trekking, camping and getting to see Mother Nature at her most majestic! The first part can be covered by road and once you reach the Papagni Math, follow the trail and look out for signs that lead you to the top. Carry a light back pack with enough water, snacks, and of course, your tent and sleeping bag if you want to camp! These treks should ideally start at sunset. Get down soon after the surreal sunrise, as it starts to get hot. Make-shift shops sell maggi, biscuits etc. 

Cost per person – INR 300 per day

Nearest City – Bangalore

Distance – 70 kms

  1. Confluence Camp in Bheemeshwari

With just about 2 hours of driving, reach Bheemeshwari and witness a few marvels of nature here. The most evident is the confluence of the river Cauvery and Arkavathi. The spot is also a favourite for anglers and fishing enthusiasts. Hiking in the vicinity is also an attraction as you get a bird’s eye view of the whole region. Camp in the jungle lodges and be a part of the village! 

Cost per person – INR 1200 per night

Nearest City – Bangalore

Distance – 106 kms

  1. Parisian Pondicherry

A former French colony, Pondicherry or Puducherry still has a lot of Parisian influence. The roads have French names and the local primary school is called  L’ecole, which means school. The Indian side of Puducherry also exists and it is as colourful as you can imagine. The nearby Auroville is a must visit. With its tree houses and community living mantra, it is quite a delight to learn about alternate living! 

Cost per person – INR 500 per day

Nearest City – Chennai

Distance – 170 kms

  1. A Page of Indian History at Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram has everything that you want to know about Dravidian culture. The UNESCO heritage site will help you understand the opulence of a king’s lifestyle and his unique ways of preserving his heritage. The beach nearby is the best way to end the day! The sunset is undoubtedly a majestic one. 

Cost per person – INR 1500 per person

Nearest City – Chennai

Distance – 55 kms

East India

The East is the land of joy. With summer hitting 42 degrees on any regular day, Kolkata is in shambles and so are the cities nearby! The eastern Himalayas will give you a chance to breathe fresh air and this is how.

Kolkata and North East India are neighbours, with proper connection by train, flights or road. Kalimpong and Kolkata are just 623 kms away from each other. And Kalimpong is just 500 kms away from Guwahati. Connection routes between these two places are marvellous!

  1. Zorbing in Delo

Delo is in Kalimpong and it has views of the Kanchenjunga that will leave you amazed. It is always covered in mist because of its height of 1696 metres, which is the highest in Kalimpong. You can see the whole town and also the Teesta river flowing by. Adventure sports like zorbing and paragliding is possible in the Government run Natural Park which also has accommodation facilities. The main town is just 6 kms away. The monasteries are also worth visiting. 

Cost per person – INR 1000 per day

Nearest Town – Siliguri

Distance – 71 kms

  1. Zip Lining in Mawkdok

Situated in Meghalaya, Mawkdok is enroute Cherapunjee. It’s view of rolling mountains, with different shades of green is a must see. The idea of Zip Lining here is a delight because of this magnificent view. Cherapunjee is an just an hour’s drive from here and accommodation there is dime a dozen. This place used to be the wettest place in the world until its neighbour, Mawsynram took its “thunder” away. Visit that too. 

Cost per person – INR 1200 per day

Nearest City – Guwahati

Distance – 125 kms 

  1. The Assamese Monasteries of Majuli

It is the largest river island in the world. It is home to the oldest communities on the eastern side. The “Satras” preach a life of simplicity. The disciples are trained in a dance form called “Satria” and taught a way of life which is disciplined and grounded. Their art is at stake because the erosion in the island is happening at an alarming rate. There are government houses and a guest house on stilts built by Frenchmen who came to travel! 

Cost per person – INR 2000 per day

Nearest Town – Nimatighat in Jorhat

Distance – 348 kms

  1. Look Back at Assamese History in Sivasagar

A small district in Upper Assam, it was the Ahom Capital till the Burmese took over. It was annexed by the British later and it holds a lot of importance in Assam History. Joysagar is believed to be the largest man made lake in the country. There are monuments that were built by King Rudra Singha and his wife, which still stands strong and so does the “Sivadol” which is in praise of Lord Shiv. The tomb is made of sticky rice and eggs as cement and stones were still not invented. Accomodation in hotels is not a hassle. 

Cost per day – INR 500 per day

Nearest Town- Demow

Distance – 362 kms

  1. A Cup Of Tea In Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh is called the tea town of Assam. Its lush green tea gardens beckon you. The Jalans here are the biggest tea planters and their tea bungalow is a walk back into the colonial past. The Dibru Saikhowa Park is 40 minutes away on the outskirts of a commercial town called Tinsukia. Take a boat and explore the Brahmaputra as you encounter various kinds of fishes. Accommodation in Tinsukia or Dibrugarh are aplenty. Do try the sweets in Tinsukia! 

Cost per day – Rs. 500 per day

Nearest Town – Moran

Distance – 443 kms

HOW TO REACH- All places are well connected by rail and road. Guwahati is the junction to go to all states. Buses are available, and so are trains and flights. 

West India

The Western part of India still remains pleasant during summer. That does not mean there is no need for travel to relax and show the kids around! These spots are close to Mumbai and they will not disappoint you.

  1. Sun Bathe in Hari Hareshwar

Just a stone’s throw away from Mumbai, this is a complete beach experience for the family, without the chaos and hullabaloo of Goa! With limited accommodation facilities, this place will give you space to have a castle making competition. The temple there is an added attraction! 

Cost per day – INR 1000 per day

Nearest City- Mumbai

Distance – 200 kms

  1. Jungle Camp in Kolad

The river Kundalika flows through Kolad and this gives opportunities for various adventure sports like rapelling, paragliding and kayaking. To top all this, stay in one of the jungle camps to wake up to the chirping of birds everywhere. The caves and waterfalls add to the excitement. 

Cost per day – INR 1500 per day

Nearest City – Mumbai

Distance – 122 kms

  1. See the Change in Badlapur

Yes, the movie did not make the name up! It actually exists in Thane District and is quickly becoming a tourist spot for Mumbaikars, looking for a country experience. With its waterfalls, temples and caves, it has become an adventure trail, right outside Mumbai! 

Cost per day – INR 1000 per day

Nearest City – Mumbai

Distance – 53 kms

  1. Ideal Igatpuri

The scenery of Igatpuri is marvellous. It has the highest peak in the Western Ghats and its temples and valleys make this an ideal spot for outdoor activities like nature walks. Visit the fort built on the peak to learn more about the Satavahana lineage. This place is a must visit for team building activities!  

Cost per day – INR 1000 per day

Nearest City – Mumbai

Distance – 121 kms

  1. Panchgani is Pretty

Panchgani derives its name from the 5 hills that surround it. No wonder this hill station in Maharashtra is as pretty as a picture! Walk around and take in the old world charm which continues here with the smattering of old British and Parsi houses and the famous residential schools. You see some wonderful sights of the Krishna river below from Panchgani’s vantage point. The lush green vegetation becomes more delightful as you take a horse ride through hidden lovers’ lanes to Kamalgad Fort. A visit to the local bazaar here is a must.  

Cost per day – INR 1000 per day

Nearest City – Mumbai

Distance – 244 kms

HOW TO REACH- All places are nearby Mumbai and can be easily accessible by road or local trains. 


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