How to save yourself from excessive ATM transaction charges?

Topics/questions like this are there in many minds, people don’t ask anyone and even many of them don’t find out any solution for this problems. For a middle-class man, it is a big shock that their bank cards (debit/credit) can only be used just 3 or 4 times a month for free and after that, they will have to pay the nice amount to the bank for using this.

I have faced this many times, I use my card for withdrawal many times a week, and after certain transactions, my amount starts deducting and for people like me, its sum is a lot. The biggest question which I have is that why should I pay to the banks for my own money. But it might be the case that digitalization has brought us here. It is a good thing that we get digitalized but the biggest question ‘is there any country which does not use any cash in the market?’. Cash is actually an essential thing to be used in the market, we don’t have that many stuff and even we are not that capacity that we use digital modes every other time. Even if we feel the need of hard cash once a day it is felt 30/31 times a month or more. We cannot just skip out this fact that in rural areas where people are not even literate use the digital mode. For daily basic needs, we need some amount of cash. And for people living in rural areas, it is most important. I am not saying that it is not a need for cities, but the most important need is felt in rural areas.

I have paid a lot to banks, and I keep questioning myself that why I should give money for my own money which is already with the bank for their use until I ask them to give me.

But the most important things my dear is that we cannot oppose government policies which are actually good for people and every good thing have the drawbacks. There is nothing in this beautiful world that does not have a drawback.

But today I am going to suggest certain ways in which you can skip out and save yourself from excessive fines.

Ways – ATM

  • First one is – use of internet banking (ATM): – many people have a question in mind that how we can use internet banking, but you should think about the place where this type of notifications is common so people should learn how to use the internet as their bank. It is very easy to get registered to the banks. Some banks use their websites to provide internet banking and some use their personnel’s help for this. Banks like axis bank, CITI bank use the easy registration process like registration from the website.

  • The second one is – use of mobile banking applications: – mobile banking is a service is a facility provided by banks for all their customers. This can be used by the application which is owned by banks. This service basically provides all the services provided by bank branches. Transfer, balance updates, mobile recharges and other things.

 Third One – Use of apps like GOOGLE TEZ: Google has launched Google TEZ just for Indians They have a great collaboration with all the high-level banks in India for the better transaction. The most important thing in google TEZ is they have a direct gateway they do not follow the rule of wallet money or any other things, the direct bank to bank transaction makes it a great app for the transaction. The add-on benefit with this app is that for every transaction with only TEZ users can give you a surprising amount from google. For every transaction, Google provides the coupon to every user and with that coupon, you can even get up to RS. 1000 or RS. 100000 per week.

Read More About The Functioning and Advantages of GOOGLE TEZ: Click Here

  • A Fourth one is – use of applications like Paytm, Phone Pe, Axis pay, etc.: – There are certainly many applications which can be used for transaction purposes. I usually suggest these apps to all the people, as I feel secure transaction services are provided by them. Whenever I feel I can be charged for my cash transaction I transfer the fund using these applications. If I don’t get ATM of the banks which I use, I transfer funds to the account of the person whose ATM is very close to me and I get my cash withdrawal with his/her card. I basically prefer these applications for all my transaction purpose like recharges and other things.


There are many other options which can be used for saving money, I should say excessive money charges by the bank. We cannot question the notifications but can use many other options for tackling the same.


Write your favorite way and also if you want me to write on other topics please comment your topic down below in the comment section.

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